Sometimes there’s an obstacle between you and the green. To clear the obstacle, you must hit a flop shot with some carry. Otherwise, you’ll end up in the obstacle, costing you strokes. Hitting a flop shot is easier said than done sometimes.
Here are 6 keys to hitting a high chip or flop:

1. Set up to hit the ball high
2. Open your clubface and your stance
3. Trace a swing path parallel to your foot line
4. Slide the clubhead under the ball
5. Let your body unwind through the shot
6. Keep your rhythm nice and smooth

As with many shots, setting up correctly is critical. If you fail to do this, you’ll have a hard time getting the ball in the air. Here are the keys:

• Adopt a slightly wider stance than normal, position your hands over the ball, and distribute your weight evenly.
• Open both your clubface and your stance. This adds some loft to the shot and encourages a slight out-to-in swing, which creates a soft floating ballflight.
• Trace a swing path parallel to your foot line for the first 18 inches on the takeaway. Then hinge your wrists up and allow the clubhead to move inside the line as you complete your backswing.
• Slide the clubhead underneath the ball on the downswing. As you come down imagine trying to slice a sliver of turf from under the ball as you move through impact.
• Continue to unwind your body as you come forward, and rotate your left shoulder out of the way as you come through the hitting zone.
• Keep your rhythm nice and smooth as you make the shot. And don’t be afraid to accelerate through impact. You want to feel as if the clubhead is almost overtaking the ball.
Having the confidence to make a slightly longer swing than normal is the key to successfully hitting a high chip. Going high like this can generate low scores.


Based on an article by Jack Moorehouse is the author of the best-selling book “How To Break 80”